Week of April 30th: New Phone System

In order to improve communication, Pope John is installing a new phone system.

Effective the week of April 30th, there will be a new voice greeting when you call the school.

The auto-attendant will allow you to dial any extension directly and it will provide one digit dialing to the people most frequently called.

This new system will result in two more significant changes in procedures.

To report a student absent, a late arrival, or a request for early dismissal, dial 1 and you will have the opportunity to leave a voice message with the student’s name, grade and details about his/her absence, late arrival, or early dismissal. This system provides you with school contact 24/7.

You will also have the ability to contact a teacher. It will provide a directory which you can access by dialing * and entering the first few letters of the teacher’s last name. You can then leave a voice message. Teachers will have the ability to retrieve the message during school hours. Your message will also be transcribed and sent directly to the teacher’s email. All members of the Pope John staff are listed in the directory and each has the same voicemail capabilities.

Any questions concerning this new system, please contact Mr. Flanagan at dflanagan@popejohnhs.org