International Academy at Pope John (Residential)

International Academy at Pope John Dormitory Program

On the fifth floor of Pope John XXIII High School, there is a dormitory with capacity for 60 students to reside. The school year, in the dormitory program, begins with an Orientation Week during which the USA dormitory staff devote time getting to know students on both a personal and academic basis.  The goal of the International Academy at PJHS dormitory program is to create a family environment in which each student can reach the highest level of achievement with the complete support of those entrusted with his/her care. This attention to detail allows the staff to support Pope John’s teachers, providing the best possible pathway for the students to achieve English language proficiency and academic success.  The individual attention given to each student does not end with orientation, but continues on through the final day of classes in June.

International students residing in the dormitory on campus live in Magellan Hall.  This modern, spacious facility is situated on the fifth floor of the school.  Here, students may enjoy the sweeping panoramic views of the greater Boston area.  The hall’s location provides students with quick and easy access to their classes, the Library/Media center, and the auditorium and gymnasium where many extracurrciular activities take place.  The hall is coeducational with space for 60 students – boys and girls reside in separate quarters.  The amenities include bright, newly furnished living rooms, an exciting recreation area, an elegant dining room, state of the art kitchen, two classrooms, and two laundry rooms.  The hall has wireless internet service and cable television.

Meals & Dining

Magellan Hall chefs prepare delicious, well balanced, and nutritious meals, often times alongside the students, many of whom enjoy the experience of cooking for breakfast and dinner.  Students are served meals in a beautiful dining room which forms the hub of the residence hall and provides a place where regular, quality interaction occurs among all of the other residents of the dormitory.  Students dine family style in the dining room with the exception of lunch on school days.  On school days, students may pack a lunch or purchase lunch from the school cafeteria.


The residence hall is staffed by carefully selected, on site house parents who are educated and well prepared for the challenging tasks of mentoring, oversight and encouragement of international high school students.  They have undergraduate and graduate degrees from various universities and are able to substantially assist the students in progressing during their time of study in the United States.


The residence hall provides students with an exceptional level of security which is a paramount concern.  The school building that houses the residence hall is locked and fully secured throughout the day.  Within the building, the residential floor has restricted access and can only be reached by a limited number of school personnel.  Residence hall staff members reside on the floor and provide continuous supervision of students.  Our students are less than one mile away from health care facilities and/or a major hospital should there be a medical emergency.

Extracurricular Activities


USA provides extracurricular activities in conjunction with top caliber universities and businesses in the surrounding communities.  These may include technological science, biological science, economics, and much more.  Additionally, students are required to take part in the extracurricular offerings at PJHS each semester.  Pope John has opportunities in athletics, music, drama, art, dancing, and outdoor activities in addition to community service and the National Honor Society.  These programs foster active communication between your child, their teachers and their American classmates and are now part of the graduation requirements.

Health Care

Students in the residence hall have access to the Pope John nurse on school days. In addition, after receipt of a properly executed permission slip, the hall staff may administer medical care in the form of over the counter medication for minor health problems, and can transport a student to a physician when necessary.  Should an emergency arise, students are less than one mile away from a major hospital.


A sense of community is essential for a successful boarding experience.  Residential students share in a variety of experiences, including household chores.  The residence staff will clean the common areas of the residence hall to include the bathrooms and hallways.  Students are expected to maintain those areas and to clean their personal areas, as well as, complete assigned rotating chores such as washing dishes after meals.

Dress Code

Pope John XXIII High School mandates that its students wear uniforms, which are formally described in the 2015-2016 Student handbook.  United Schools Association (USA) will defray the cost of the uniforms for residents of the dormitory program and assist them in ordering their uniforms.

Logan International Airport Boston (BOS)

Pope John XXIII High School is located approximately ten minutes from Logan International Airport, Boston.  The residence hall staff provide USA students with transportation to and from Logan upon the student’s arrival at the beginning of the school year and when they depart for home at both the Christmas holiday break and at the end of the school year.  On other occasions, the staff will assist the student in making transportation arrangements to and from the airport.


Please address all correspondence and package delivery to Pope John XXIII High School, Residence Hall, 888 Broadway, Everett, MA  02149 and be sure to include attention to and your student’s name.

Nighttime Hours

All students honor a nightly check in requirement.  On weekdays, all students must be checked in by 9 pm.  On weekends, freshman (first year students) and sophomores (grade 10 students) must be checked in by 11 pm.  Juniors (11th grade) and seniors (12th grade) must be checked in by 11:30 pm.

Students must be in their beds with lights out by 10:30 pm on school nights.  Students in need of more time to finish homework may ask permission for “late lights” in order to finish an assignment.  This privilege is not to be used unnecessarily.


The residence hall will close the day after the start of the Christmas holiday break and reopen on the Sunday immediately prior to the resumption of classes.  Students must vacate the residence hall during that time and make their own arrangements for housing.

The residence hall will close for the school year on the Saturday following the last day of classes in June.  The schedule for a typical day may be found here.


Pope John is located in the heart of the greater Boston area which offers as many as attractions as any city in America.  Museums, professional sport teams – Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins, the Atlantic ocean shoreline, mountain sports, historical attractions and much more are opportunities that are available each weekend and are easily accessible with public transportation. The USA residence hall staff leads these student outings so that they may fully experience American culture.

With their guardian’s consent, students may also follow a sign out procedure to leave campus on their own during weekends to explore Boston.  The area is served by subway, bus and rail systems that are used extensively by its residents.

The sign out procedure also allows students to go on local weekend sleepovers at the homes of their new Pope John friends and the outdoor club and weekend school trips.

Medical Requirements for International Students

Massachusetts law requires that all students be immunized prior to enrollment.  The school nurse will review all health records at the beginning of the school year.  Students who require additional vaccinations must comply before being allowed in the classroom.  It is also required that all students receive a physical examination from a physician in Massachusetts.  Students should expect to incur this expense.

Required vaccinations are as follows:

  • DTaP/DTP/DT/TD (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus)  Four doses of DTaP/DTP or three or more does of TD; plus one TD booster
  • Hepatitis B – Three doses
  • Polio – Three or more doses
  • MMR (measles, mumps rubella) – Two doses measles, one mumps, and one rubella
  • Varicella (chicken pox) – Two doses
  • Meningococcal – One doseIt is imperative that every student provide the school with complete medical history records, especially if a student is taking any presribed medicine.

All students must have  and provide proof of complete medical insurance upon enrollment.

College Counseling

Pope John combines an excellent academic program with an outstanding college counseling program to fully prepare its students to compete at the next level of education.  It has placed 94% of it graduating class into institutions of higher education with recent graduates gaining acceptance to Bentley College, Boston College, Boston University, Emmanuel, George Washington University, Mass College of Pharmacy, Northeastern University, Smith College, Syracuse University, University of Massachusetts, Wellesley College as well as other nationally ranked universities.


International students are encouraged to bring their own laptop and printer to campus.  The residence hall has state of the art wireless internet access.  As a supplement to the student’s own computer, the Pope John library allows access to its bank of computers as well.  All students will be issued a email address.

The school website at, contains most of the information that parents or guardians may need.  Parents and students are urged to check this site regularly for up to date school information.


Pope John is located in Everett, Massachusetts which is less than five miles north of Boston and less than three miles from the Atlantic Ocean.  The campus facilities include an auditorium, gymnasium, cafeteria, nurse’s office and a library/media center.


Pope John students are afforded the opportunity to travel locally, nationally, and internationally in group tours organized by Pope John or Magellan Hall residence life staff.  This past year, students thoroughly enjoyed trips around New England to include skiing in Vermont, apple picking, and white water rafting in Maine, as well as, New York City and Peru.  the trips are fully planned for the students and are chaperoned by teaching staff, school administrators or Magellan Hall staff.

Who to Contact

If you are interested in the residence hall program, please contact