A Typical Day


6:30 am – With a little help from the residence hall staff, everyone wakes up to get ready for school!

7 am – Students report to the Magellan Hall dining room for an assortment of breakfast options that may include hot and cold items. International students also have an option to eat a complimentary breakfast of muffins, fruit, and cereal in the school cafeteria.

7:40 am– Uniform and room inspection for all, then it’s down to school. Our students do not return to the residence hall until classes end.

7:50 am – Classes begin.

Mid-day – Students attend one of two lunch breaks in the school cafeteria where they may choose from a selection that includes a hot entree, sandwiches, salad, fruit, and beverage assortment. Afterwards, students return to classes.

2:30 pm– Classes end, and students may return upstairs to the residence hall to sign in. Students with grade averages of “A” or “B” may sign out and go off campus, but they must return to the residence hall in time for dinner.

3 – 5 pm – Students participate in afternoon activities at the school or attend study groups in the residence hall classrooms. Monday through Thursday, Pope John teachers assist international students with fun learning sessions in the core subjects of math, science, social studies, and English. Students also have the option to receive tutoring from National Honor Society students.

5 pm – Independent Study/Free time

6:30 pm –  To finish the day, all of the students and house parents sit down in our dining room and enjoy their dinner together and discuss the highlights of their day.

7:30 pm –  All students settle in for mandatory homework, which can be spent individually or in study groups. The dormitory has two classrooms for study, as well as ample space and facilities for those seeking private time.

9:30 pm – Mandatory study time ends. Students are free to continue with their study or to take a break and enjoy the residence hall facilities. Students often gather in the recreation room, where they can read, socialize, use their laptops, watch TV, play video games, table tennis, foosball, or pool. 

10:30 pm – This is “lights out time,” when students go to bed after a full day at Pope John. Students wishing to study longer may request “Late Lights”, which ends at 11:00 pm.