Senior Privilege Application

Senior Privilege Application

Senior Privilege is reserved for those seniors who have shown a seriousness of purpose as demonstrated by being a student in good standing academically, having a punctual attendance record, as well as no discipline incidents on record. Seniors privilege will be reserved for eligible seniors in periods 1, 5 and 7.

Seniors with no unexcused absences or tardy entries the previous marking period are invited to apply.

The Senior Privilege addressed in this application is an exemption from homeroom at 7:49 am. Seniors having Senior Privilege and a SCHEDULED STUDY period are required to present themselves no later than 8:35 am in the main office and check with the guidance department for any pertinent information. Any entry after 8:35 am will put the student’s privilege at risk.

The dates for applying are the first week of each quarter.  Seniors with a scheduled study period 7 may be dismissed after signing out in the main office.

Students failing to sign out will also lose the privilege.

To apply for senior privilege, please click here