Library Department



  • is the hub of our school’s resources–both what we hold within the Library and those beyond our walls–books, databases, media and more
  • is a welcoming space that accommodates creating, learning, reading, researching, studying and collaborating with classmates and teachers
  • is a place for students to develop into lifelong self-learners
  • is a venue that encourages students to develop a love for reading by supplying them with current Young Adult fiction side by side with classic and contemporary literature
  • has a cross section of non-fiction books covering segments of our curriculum–history, literature, religion and the sciences, and much more
  • has a collection that is not only curriculum-oriented, but also provides students with materials that are appropriate within Catholic teaching
  • is the locus where the Librarian provides instruction with classes and individually in assisting students with research and the citation process
  • provides various levels of reading materials to accommodate our students’ abilities, inclusive of the addition to bilingual materials when available for the dynamic PJHS community


Students are allowed to borrow books from the Library for a period of three weeks. Books can be renewed for an additional three weeks unless a reserve has been placed on that book by another student.

Students will not write in, highlight or turn down pages of any books that they borrow from the Library. If a student does so they will pay for a replacement copy of the book with a minimum cost of $10.00 per book damaged.

If a book is lost, the student must pay to have the book replaced. There is a minimum cost of $10.00 per book. If the student prefers to purchase a copy and give that to the Library that is fine, as long as the copy is of the same format as the original book. If the book was a hardcover book, then it must be replaced with another hardcover book.

Students must return any overdue items when notified by the Librarian or risk loss of library privileges, as well other disciplinary actions. This is especially important before Mid Term Exams and Final Exams.

All overdue books must be returned in order for students to take their exams!

Underclassmen must return books before the last day of classes. Seniors must return books by last day of their classes in order to take their Final Exams.