Diversity Club


Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Caitlyn Oates

When: Twice per month
Where: Guidance Area

To Join: Contact Mrs. Oates

All students are welcome and encouraged to contact Mrs. Oates for more information

Club Goal:
This School Year the Club will focus on:

  • Creating an environment where uniqueness, background, and experience of every student is appreciated.
  • Embracing diversity and inclusion as core values.
  • Creating opportunities for dialogue and expression of, sometimes, opposing points of view in a civil environment.
  • Drawing upon the gifts and talents of students, staff, faculty and administration.
  • Developing creative leadership among students.
  • Raising awareness at Pope John around diversity issues that students identify.
  • Inspiring the Pope John community to address and attempt to solve problems related to issues of diversity.
  • Making issues of diversity accessible and meaningful.