In accordance with our belief in the dignity of all persons and their call to realize their full potential we have structured our curriculum to afford each of our students the opportunity to experience success. Our ultimate goal is to educate the whole person – body, mind and spirit, so that each of them will ultimately accept their responsibility as members of a global community to care for themselves, their world and one another.

The academic program at Pope John XXIII High School strives to provide our students with a rigorous college preparatory curriculum while at the same time being cognizant of the varying ability levels and learning styles of our students, all of whom desire a college placement after graduation. The curriculum is therefore taught on three levels – College Preparatory, Honors and Advanced Placement.

The hubs of our school’s academic life are the Library/Media Center and the Computer Labs. Students are encouraged to use these facilities before and after school and during study time. Teachers accompany their classes to the labs and LMC on a regular basis to instruct them in how to use software applicable to their subject matter, and also how to use word processing software and the Internet to research and write papers and reports.

Courses are offered on the following levels:

  • Advanced Placement (AP): Students in these courses are expected to do college level work.
  • Honors College Preparatory (HCP): Students in these courses are expected consistently to achieve and to do a significant amount of independent work.
  • College Preparatory (CP): Students develop skills that will enable them to be successful at the college level.

Course Catalog

Counselors and teachers are available to help with the elective decisions each student must make. Parents are encouraged to discuss with their child future plans and the need for a well-balanced program of studies that affords the student a challenging education while at the same time meeting his or her individual academic needs and interests.


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