Pope John XXIII High School 1966 – 2019

Our namesake, Pope Saint John XXIII, calls us to “Be a People of God.”

With deep regret, Pope John XXIII High School completed its mission at the end of the 2018-19 academic year having graduated 50 classes.

Since 2004, both the Board and administration at Pope John XXIII High school sought to meet the challenges confronting the school in the areas of enrollment and advancement while maintaining an excellent global college preparatory program.  Students attended PJHS from more than 16 communities and 14 countries coming together in service, educational excellence unlocking the inherent potential in every student in their care.

In the final days, the PJHS community came together to work toward achieving a monumental task of saving the school after a devastating financial blow of an alleged theft of more than $1.5M from the operating budget of international tuition dollars. Through fundraising and social media marketing, as well as a team of distinguished alumni working day and night to establish a new plan, the future began to take shape. However, despite these continued best efforts the long term sustainability of Pope John did not materialize.

Since 1966, Pope John XXIII high School  proudly carried out its mission of fostering the growth and development of everyone in an environment of respect and accountability through gospel values. Founded by the Sisters of Saint Joseph and Cardinal Cushing,  Pope John XXIII High School provided young men and women with an excellent college preparatory education that radiates with the gospel values of love, respect, community, and justice. Our faculty and staff worked in close partnership with our students and their parents to develop the conscience and character necessary to answer Pope St. John’s call.

Everyone who has ever been associated with PJHS is blessed with many wonderful memories of the fifty-three years that Pope John High School served the greater Boston area and surrounding community as well as through our alumni all over the world. The Tiger spirit will live on in all those who walked the halls at 888 Broadway, where we all know we lived in the City of God.

If you are looking for transcripts or other Pope John related information, requests can be sent to archive@rcab.org, Or, by telephone at 617-746-5897, Monday-Friday, from 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m.